Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked most often. If your
question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us.

If utilities are included in a community you are moving into you will be made aware. Utilities for the most part are set up by the resident. Utility bills will vary on your comfort level and usage within the apartment. We will provide a list of utility providers that you will need to set service up with prior to move in.

Yes, we do allow subleasing and roommate changes in addition to lease assignments. There is specific paperwork to process for each option and a $100 fee for processing any changes to the lease. Please contact the office for additional information and guidelines for subleasing, roommate changes, or a lease assignment. You can also review the definitions of sublease, roommate change, and lease assignment on the lease agreement, page 3 sections 7 and 8. Management approval is required before any change can be made to the lease agreement.

The Chase, Tech Terrace, and the Roanoke Street Duplex have SingleDigits for internet service. Comcast is available in our other Downtown properties.

A joint and several lease means that in the case of multiple residents, each roommate is jointly and severally liable for all rent on the apartment and for fulfilling all terms of the Lease Agreement. The total amount of monthly rent and all other charges is the responsibility of all of the residents and is to be decided between the residents of who is responsible for what amount. Since the lease is joint and several we are required to inform all residents and guarantors of account activity.

Apartments are not passed down. If you are a current resident and have a friend(s) that may be interested in your apartment community, they will need to apply at the leasing office. Apartments are assigned on a first come first served basis.

Both properties are in close proximity to campus. It will depend on which side of campus your classes are held. Please review the property maps for locations.

  • Due to the close location to campus, the parking is patrolled 24 hours for parking stickers during the Fall and Spring VT semesters. If you will have a vehicle, you will need a parking sticker.
  • In order to pick up your parking sticker, please bring your photo ID and Vehicle Registration to the Leasing Office.
  • If you have a visitor, you will need to stop by the Leasing Office during office hours to pick up a Visitor Parking Pass. You can have one per person at a time which is valid for up to 3 days at a time.
  • Yes, renter's insurance is required for residency. Each person on the lease would need to obtain a Renter's Insurance Policy and provide a copy to the Leasing Office before occupancy. If you are a student and your parents have a homeowner's policy, as a dependent you may be covered under such policy. The insurance is to provide coverage for your personal belongings and your personal liability while you are living in the apartment.
  • You may also elect to be covered under your Parent's Homeowners Policy or purchase a policy from another Insurance Company. In this case, we require the following on the policy:
    • Resident's first and last name
    • Policy Number
    • Coverage Dates — the policy must be current at the time of move in
    • Personal Liability and Personal Property Coverage
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