Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked most often. If your
question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Is is best if the resident of the apartment contacts management directly for any questions or maintenance request they may have. Guarantors are welcome to contact the Leasing Office with any questions, however it is best if the resident also contacts the Leasing Office with any issues affecting their lease.

No, only the resident on the Lease will be issued a parking sticker. The resident can pick up one guest pass at a time and that guest pass can last up to 3 days at a time.

No, the resident must contact the Leasing Office to place a service request. The resident must give us permission to enter the apartment in order to conduct maintenance in their home.

  • Each Resident is required to obtain Renter's Insurance and provide the Leasing Office with a copy of their policy in order to move in.
  • The Edge utilizes a third party Insurance Provider called Resident Insure. This is a convenient and affordable way to obtain Renters Insurance. Please visit to receive a quote and set up the resident's rental insurance. Residents can set up Renter's Insurance up to 3 months prior to their lease start date.
  • Residents may also elect to be covered under their Parent's Homeowners Policy or purchase a policy from another Insurance Company. In this case, we require the following on the policy:
    1. Resident's first and last name
    2. Your apartment or townhome address at the Edge
    3. Policy Number
    4. Coverage Dates — the policy must be current at the time of move in
    5. Personal Liability Coverage — A minimum amount required is $100,000
    6. Personal Property Coverage — No minimum requirement
    7. CMG Leasing, Inc & Its Affiliates At 321 Edge Way, Blacksburg, VA 24060 (Listed as Interested Party or Additional Insured)

The Lease Guarantor in a rental agreement is someone who signs their name to the contract and agrees to pay if the resident or tenant is not able to pay the rent. A Guarantor is not an occupant and does not have access to the apartment. They are the financial guaranty that the resident will pay rent and any damages allowable under the Lease Agreement.

No, only the resident of the apartment will be issued keys to their apartment home.

No, we do not send out bills for rent. Rent is due on the 1st of every month.

The Resident is responsible for conducting the move in appointment. This is the time when the resident will pick up the key and sign off on the condition of the apartment.

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