Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked most often. If your
question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us.

To submit an Emergency Maintenance Request during office hours, please call 540.552.3343. Please never e-mail an Emergency Maintenance Request. If you have an Emergency Maintenance Request after office hours, please call our answering service at 540.552.3343.


  • Water leaks (other than faucet drips)
  • No heat (in winter)
  • No air conditioning (when outside temp. is greater than 85 F)
  • No hot water (over weekend)
  • Inoperable oven (over weekend)
  • Inoperable refrigerator
  • Gas leak
  • Door or window lock broken
  • All sewer back-ups
  • Commode stopped up (when there is only one in the apartment)
  • Any item which will cause damage if left unattended or is of a health or safety nature.
  • Broken windows (not cracked)

Rent is due on the 1st of every month. However, you do have until 5PM on the 5th to pay without a penalty. A late charge of 10% of your total monthly rent will be applied to your account if payments are received after 5:00pm on the 5th. If mailing your payment to the office, the payment must be received by 5pm on the 5th to avoid the late fee-regardless of the postmark.

Due to the close location to campus, the parking lot is patrolled 24 hours for parking stickers during the Fall and Spring VT semesters. If you will have a vehicle, you will need a parking sticker. In order to pick up your parking sticker, please bring your photo ID and Vehicle Registration to the Leasing Office. If you have a visitor, you will need to visit, sign up for a Visitor Parking Pass, print it, and have your visitor place it on their dash. If you need to print your pass, you can come to the Student Center and use the printer there.

  • You can pay through your resident portal by clicking on Resident Login . Here you can pay with an e-check for free, or with a check card or credit card for a small convenience fee.
  • Sign up for auto draft through your resident portal. This draft will take place on the 1st of every month.
  • We also accept checks and money orders made payable to CMG Leasing, Inc.
  • There is a drop box located at the entrance to the Leasing Office for your convenience. It is not necessary to use an envelope when placing your rent in the box. Please make sure your apartment address is noted clearly on your payment so that we may properly apply it to your account.
  • Post-dated checks will not be accepted.
  • No Cash will be accepted.

Single Digits: Their phone number is 1-833-715-3386 and the website is

Water and Sewer, Electric up to a certain amount (please reference the Lease on page 5, section 13 Utilities. If you should exceed your monthly allowance, your rental account will be billed any additional usage), Cable and Internet, Trash and Single Stream Recycling

All of the furniture in the apartment and bedrooms must remain in the assigned room and it cannot be removed. All furnishings have been coded with a serial tracking number, specific to your bedroom and common area. If the furnishings are missing or out of place, you could be charged for the re-location and/or replacement of each piece.

On Tom's Creek Road, the Winston Bus Stop. Please visit to view all bus routes.

  1. Our current Edge Residents are our #1 priority and will be given 1st option to renew, move apartments, or have new roommates add into your apartments for next year.

  2. If you plan to renew, one or more of your roommates are moving out, and you have friends that want to move in for next year:

    • You will sign and return your Lease Renewal by November 16th.
    • Your new roommate(s) will need to apply and qualify by November 16th.
    • They will need to list on their application that they wish to live in your apartment.
    • We will assign any available rooms in your apartment to these applicant(s) first.
  3. If you do not wish to renew in your current apartment, but would rather move to another bedroom and/or apartment here at the Edge:

    • Contact the Leasing Office first and we will assist you with this process.
    • You will NOT need to re-apply or pay a new app fee.
    • You will need to pay a new deposit by November 16th.
    • You will have priority of any available bedrooms/apartments that come open for next year.
  4. If you are planning to renew, one or more of your roommates are moving out, and you do not know who your roommates will be:

    • You will sign and return your Lease Renewal by November 16th
    • You have until November 16th to find your new roommates and have them apply and qualify.
    • After November 16th if you do not have roommates, we will fill any available rooms in your apartment with applicants from the waitlist.
  • Yes, renter's insurance is required for residency. Each person on the lease would need to obtain a Renter's Insurance Policy and provide a copy to the Leasing Office before occupancy. If you are a student and your parents have a homeowner's policy, as a dependent you may be covered under such policy. The insurance is to provide coverage for your personal belongings and your personal liability while you are living in the apartment.
  • The Edge utilizes a third party Insurance Provider called Resident Insure. This is a convenient and affordable way to obtain Renters Insurance. Please visit to receive a quote and set up your insurance. You can set up Renter's Insurance up to 3 months prior to your lease start date.
  • You may also elect to be covered under your Parent's Homeowners Policy or purchase a policy from another Insurance Company. In this case, we require the following on the policy:
    1. Resident's first and last name
    2. Your apartment or townhome address at the Edge
    3. Policy Number
    4. Coverage Dates — the policy must be current at the time of move in
    5. Personal Liability Coverage — A minimum amount required is $100,000
    6. Personal Property Coverage — No minimum requirement
    7. CMG Leasing, Inc & Its Affiliates At 321 Edge Way, Blacksburg, VA 24060 (Listed as Interested Party or Additional Insured)

Yes, we do allow subleasing and lease assignments. There is specific paperwork to process for each option and a $100 fee for processing any changes to the lease. Please contact the office for additional information and guidelines for subleasing and lease assignments. You can also review the definitions of sublease and lease assignment on the lease agreement, page 3 section 7. Management approval required before any change can be made to the lease agreement.

The only way to break a lease is by a military transfer, if you are currently serving in the armed forces of the United States. Please contact the office for additional details of the military transfer requirements. Although there is no other way to "break a lease", we do offer other options to assist in getting you off the lease by a sublease or by a lease assignment. Please contact the leasing office for details. Additional paperwork and a $100 fee will be required to facilitate any change made to the lease agreement. Management approval required before any change is made to the lease agreement.

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